Our Trainer

Clay joined the Marine Corps in 2016. When stationed in Okinawa, Japan, he pursued a career in the K9 community. Throughout his career he has traveled around the country and overseas in order to train dogs and further his education in his craft. After Japan, he was hand selected to train dogs in San Antonio for the Marines. While training dogs, he became an enhanced capability instructor where he trains dogs and handlers. Clay has sent dog teams around the world through his instruction and expertise. His passion and knowledge for training dogs has led him to opening his own company where he can share his expertise with others. When working with Clay, you can rest assured knowing you and your pup are in great hands. 

What to expect!

When training with us you can expect both classical conditioning and operant conditioning in order to achieve balance in your dog's foundation. It's critical we have dogs wanting to work for us while holding them accountable if they don't complete tasks. During training, we use treats, physical praise, leashes, collars, and electric stimulus as tools to shape behaviors. This creates a happy and reliable dog. Through training, you can expect for you and your dog's rapport to become even stronger as time progresses.