2-Week Board and Train

On/Off Leash

If you're in need of a complete transformation for your pup, the board and train program is the best. We take your pup into our home and ensure your dog has a strong foundation of all basic commands on and off leash utilizing the e-collar. We will also be training you how to maintain and advance your pup in the future with 3 included lessons and will supply videos during your dog's training. This package also includes over $350 in gear that is needed to maintain your dog.  

Price: $2300

What Will They Learn?

1-Week Board and Train

On Leash

The one-week board and train program is great for those who want their dogs to understand foundational concepts on leash. During the training your dog will learn how to be obedient to you through leash communication. This package includes one lesson on turnover day. This package also includes $150 in gear. 

Price: $1200

What Will They Learn?

Training Lessons

Training lessons are a great option for those who believe they have the ability to train their dogs but want an expert showing them the way. We meet and show you how to build the right foundation for your dog. With this package we will show you the gear we use, but it is NOT included in the price. 

Price: $75/hr

What Will They Learn?

Each class will focus on one to two obedience tasks that you implement between lessons.  You can expect for you pup to learn:


Not sure what is best for your pup? We will come to you. This gives us full transparency of the behaviors you see in your home. We take this into consideration when giving our professional guidance on the best training plan for your situation. 

Price: $75/hr